About Us

Oar Boutique has a special meaning for us. We are a family owned business that has built many memories over the years on or near the water. But more than that, as a family we serve as an OAR for each other. Guiding and propelling each other through the calm and sometimes not so smooth waters of life. 

Our mission is to provide clothing options that can translate from work to leisure for women by providing quality, staple pieces of clothing that can be worn regardless of the day of the week.  

When I said we were a family owned business, I meant it.  Nancy, the dreamer, the artist, the creative mind behind all of this, is also my mother.  You may not see her face in many photos or modeling the clothing but she is very much involved in all aspects of this business.  Stacy, also very creative, is my sister.  Stacy has a learning disability but she has never let it stop her.   She does not see any limitations to the things she can do.  She serves as an inspiration to us all and we are so thankful for her.   Then there is Karl, my Dad.  He couldn't let his girls venture out on this boutique adventure without him!  

Then there is me, Katie.  I help with the website, social media content, and work in conjunction with the rest of my family on identifying and purchasing products we feel our customers will love.  I have two little kids, one of which is anxiously waiting for us to have our children's clothing side of the business up and running so she can model the clothing options available.  The other, my son...may help model some clothing pieces... if he's promised a nerf gun for his efforts.  

We hope you've enjoyed shopping at the Oar Boutique and we thank you for supporting our family owned business.